A hint of spring?

Boston skyline from Tisch libraryIt struck me recently that it’s been a while since we’ve been on campus during the gradual emergence of spring. I was reminded of this recently on one of the quite nice mid-March days with which we’re occasionally blessed in these parts (and yes, it was the day prior that I was shoveling snow. Sigh.). It wasn’t quite at the some-people-convincing-themselves-it’s-shorts-weather level of nice, but it was unarguably pleasant out, enough so to sit outside (as many students were) and enjoy a leisurely lunchtime stroll across campus. I wandered over to a favorite spot that I think sums up the beautiful balance of our location, the roof of Tufts’ Tisch Library. It’s got one of the area’s best views of the Boston skyline, and is just a nice hang when the weather obliges. While Tufts is in a mostly very residential-feeling area, downtown Boston is right there, accessible both visually and physically for those who crave a bit of city life.

Tufts Cannon Model UNI passed the Tufts Cannon on the way back to Fletcher, too, and was happy to see Tufts Model UN currently laying claim to that real estate. As long time readers might already know, the Tufts Cannon is regularly painted over in the service of a variety of campus groups and causes. I like to think of Model UN enthusiasts as Fletcher students in-waiting, and I’m glad to see them representing in this important campus tradition.

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