New Tufts campus Green Line stop!

Tufts Green Line stop opening ceremonyLooks like Santa came early this year, readers. Tufts’ very own Godot has actually arrived, in the form of the new Medford/Tufts Green Line stop!

This is a big deal in a town not known for bringing major construction projects in on time. Said Governor Charlie Baker at the official opening, “I remember people talking about this project in the 1980s.” It’s not an exaggeration; I’ve been in the Boston area since the late 90s and recall vague allusions to a someday Green Line extension reaching as far as Tufts. It’s saying something that the Red Sox managed to win four World Series before the T managed to reach Medford directly.

While Tufts has always been “on the T” broadly-speaking, a literally-on-campus train stop is an upgrade over the current options of a few bus lines that traverse campus and the Davis Square Red Line stop, a 10-12 minute walk away. It’s not just the Tufts community that benefits, either. Several large residential communities between Tufts and downtown Boston have been historically grievously under-served by the T, and their options to access the greater metro area have just improved substantially.

Grab your Charlie Cards, everyone, a new era has begun!

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