Decision release!

As mid-March approaches, several important annual events come around. Fletcher students are on the cusp of a well-earned spring break; NCAA basketball will soon result in huge gambling losses for delight millions of sports fans with March Madness. Cherry blossoms will start to pop in Washington, DC. In the admissions world, there’s only one true main event, though: decision release!

It’s a big deal. For us it feels like a milestone for all the meticulous work that goes into the process, though we’re aware that a new phase of work will begin as we turn our attention toward helping admitted candidates learn more about Fletcher and make their enrollment decisions. For our applicants, it’s of course the long-awaited point at which you finally have some real information to work with, and hopefully an exciting time for the many of you with several good options to weigh.

So, about those decisions: most applicants will receive a straightforward admission or denial, and the path forward for these folks should be pretty clear. Congratulations if you’ve been admitted! If you’ve received disappointing news I’ll encourage you to read up on our reapplication procedure, and note the many extremely successful Fletcher alumni in the world who weren’t admitted upon their first application. Some of you will receive a conditional decision, which might offer you a space in the class contingent upon additional English language or quantitative preparation.

Others will be offered a spot on the waitlist. Waitlisted candidates have many of the indicators for success at Fletcher, save for a weaker area in their profile in comparison to the strongest candidates in the pool. Whether we make admissions offers from the waitlist depends upon the availability of seats in the class after the April 20 response deadline for admitted candidates. In most years we’re able to offer admission to at least a handful of waitlisted applicants. If you’ve been offered a spot on the waitlist, you’ll need to accept or decline, and then, unfortunately…wait. However, since your application file is considered open and active while on the waitlist, you’re welcome to submit additional materials, such as an updated resume, supplemental recommendation letter, or additional statement of interest for the Admissions Committee to consider.

As always, you can feel free to be in touch with our office at any point with questions, and we’ll be looking forward to working with many of you in the coming months. Thanks to all our applicants!

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