The 2013s!

So this year I decided to make a correction to the way I organize the Five-Year Updates. The idea to reconnect with those folks came to me more than six summers ago, after I saw a list of alumni reunion attendees. I ran the inaugural posts throughout the following academic year but, by the time I wrapped up the Class of 2007, nearly six years had passed following their graduation. The same pattern recurred in all subsequent years…until this one! Beginning in fall 2017, I’ve already shared updates from the Class of 2012. And now it’s time for the Class of 2013, whose updates I’ll be publishing this week and next. The 2013s are fresh from their five-year mark, whether they returned to campus or not. In future years, starting this fall with the Class of 2014, we’ll profile the class that is coming up to its five-year reunion throughout the school year.

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A little less lonely

The summer at Fletcher is VERY QUIET, as you may have read here before. We can come and go and run into almost no one — with students away, even staff and faculty have less reason to be milling around the Hall of Flags. But then, along comes some activity! We’re currently host to 19 students from India’s Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) for a customized program. They’re a mix of undergraduates and graduate students pursuing degrees in either global affairs or diplomacy, law, and business. They arrived on the 9th and will be around until the 27th, taking courses on Diplomacy: History, Theory, and Practice and U.S. Foreign Policy and Tools of Statecraft.

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First-Year Alumni: McKenzie joins the impact investing field

Today’s alumni update also serves as a conclusion to the story shared from 2015-17 by McKenzie Smith, who completed the MIB program. While still in her final semester, about a year ago, McKenzie hadn’t nailed down her post-Fletcher job securely enough to write about it and her story remained unfinished on the blog. Today’s post w

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