Mitch dishes on dual degrees

We’ve been happy to welcome Mitch, a current MALD student and friend of Admissions, back to Fletcher this fall. Mitch has worked a lot with our office during his time at Fletcher, serving as a student representative on the Admissions Committee and volunteering for all manner of Admissions outreach activities. Mitch is also a bit unique in that he’s completing a dual MALD/MBA degree path with Fletcher and The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Fletcher has a variety of partnerships with other institutions through which students may pursue joint and dual degree programs. For those students planning on careers that will require multiple credentials, the dual degree option can be a great fit. While dual degrees have their own individual characteristics, in general they allow students to shave off a full academic year from the time it would take to complete each degree separately, by virtue of each university accepting some credits from the other. In spite of having all the demands on his time of a typical student, in additional to re-acclimating to Fletcher and Medford, Mitch was kind enough to share a bit about his experience thus far pursuing a dual degree.

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