Exhibition: “Wall Turned Sideways.” How do artists confront the criminal justice system?

How do artists confront the criminal justice system? Learn more about this exhibition at the Tisch & Koppelman Galleries, Aidekman/Medford January 23 – April 19, 2020.

A comprehensive look at how contemporary artists over the past forty years have created work related to the criminal justice system. Representing a range of contemporary art made in both the studio and the social realm, Walls Turned Sideways includes artworks focused on social justice issues and that position the prison and court systems as structures for dismantling through institutional critique.

Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System is organized by the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and curated by Risa Puleo. The presentation at Tufts University Art Galleries is organized by Abigail Satinsky and presented in partnership with Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University and the Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College. Artists include: Josh Begley, The Estate of Chris Burden, Luis Camnitzer , Jamal Cyrus, Tirtza Even, Andrea Fraser, Coco Fusco and Paula Heredia, Maria Gaspar, Danny Giles, Sam Gould, Michelle Handelman, Ashley Hunt, Richard Kamler, Kapwani Kiwanga, Autumn Knight, Suzanne Lacy with Julio Morales and Unique Holland, Deana Lawson, Shaun Leonardo, Chandra McCormick and Keith Calhoun, Mark Menjivar, Trevor Paglen, Anthony Papa, Mary Patten, Lucky Pierre, Jenny Polak, Carl Pope Jr. , Laurie Jo Reynolds, Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, Sherrill Roland, Sarah Ross and Damon Locks, Gregory Sale, Dread Scott , Sable Elyse Smith, The Estate of Martin Wong.


Bridges: Walls Turned Sideways Alumnae Lounge / Aidekman March 5—6, 2020

Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System draws its title from a quote by political activist, academic, and author, Angela Davis: “Walls turned sideways are bridges.” The exhibition hopes to serve as a bridge or connecting conduit for conversation, contemplation, and change, recognizing the artist as a figure capable of changing society by bringing visibility to offenses within the justice system. This symposium, in partnership with the Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College of Civic Life (TUPIT), touches on issues of community impact, reentry, and the role of educational initiatives. Participating artists from Walls Turned Sideways will be in dialogue with scholars, advocates, and activists including Shaun Leonardo, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Hilary Binda, Kimberly Dong, Mary Patten, Risa Puleo, Reentry Think Tank, Sherrill Roland, Jeffrey Rafael, and more.