Advice session #2, Keep busy

Once you’ve followed yesterday’s advice on picking your Fletcher classes, you’ll want to think about how to fill your out-of-class time.  Our student advisers have some ideas to get you going.

Vanessa starts with general advice:  Get involved in school activities and foster relationships with faculty.

Margot encourages you to set aside time for special learning opportunities:  If you find yourself skipping an interesting speaker or event because you have too much work, think hard about that decision.  The work will get done, and it won’t feel that much more overwhelming if you take an hour or two to learn something or talk to people you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Veronica agrees:  Something I wish I had done differently at Fletcher is attend more events/talks on topics that I knew nothing about.  I will definitely do that during my second year.

And Rachel also encourages you to look at many different activities:  At Fletcher, I’d say the biggest thing to strive for is balance between clubs, personal care (eating healthy, working out), and academics.

Finally, Veronica made a suggestion that’s close to our heart:  Something I did right at Fletcher was being a volunteer with the Admissions Committee.  It was a fantastic and humbling experience!

I hope you’ll follow these suggestions and be involved in the community generally, and the Admissions Office in particular!

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