Final Advice: Have fun!

For most of our students, their time at Fletcher is a break from professional life, and though they are a studious bunch, they do appear to relish a year or two away from the work world.  Our last advice blog includes tips for how to enjoy yourself while a Fletcher student.

Veronica encourages you to look beyond Fletcher’s walls for university campus activities:  Try to attend as many Tufts events as you can.  There is a wonderful variety of them, and it is a fantastic way to meet other Tufts students.

Amy says that she wishes she had had a bicycle while at Fletcher, but notes you can now borrow one from Tisch Library.  If you do so, you can follow her advice to:   Go and eat a meal in the South End.  I highly recommend Taco Tuesday at Tremont 647.

Vanessa also wants you to head downtown:  Explore Boston — Davis Square isn’t enough!  And while you’re in Boston, go to the Museum of Fine Arts.  Check out the free admission for Tufts students!

Back on the topic of food, Erin says:  Not exactly school-related, but I would strongly suggest signing up for a Boston Organics CSA box.  My fave has been the small, mostly veggies box.

(I’m with Erin on that one — though my own winter CSA share comes from Enterprise Farm.)

On a related note, for these and other ideas, Colin suggests all students sign on to the Social List (student email list):  For all the silliness that goes on, it’s a pretty darn good marketplace.

Finally, Elise (who was a very busy MALD student) thought back on her two years here, and encourages incoming students to relax:  I wish I’d spent more time just hanging out at school.  I don’t regret anything I’ve taken on at Fletcher and have truly enjoyed the hectic pace, but I do wish I’d have stopped to smell the flowers a bit more along the way.  Those random conversations in the Hall of Flags or Mugar Cafe are what makes Fletcher so special. But honestly, aside from that, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I think everyone finds their own unique path here, and combines their various interests in such different ways, that sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re all getting the same degree!  That intellectual and social diversity makes Fletcher tick and I miss it already.

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