Map your future!

Here’s some news we’re really excited about:  A new Admissions opportunity called the Map Your Future Program.  Students currently in their final year of undergraduate studies can apply to Fletcher for the class entering two years after their admission.  In other words, those about to begin (or currently in) their final year in September 2011 would apply during the 2011-12 admissions cycle, and if they’re admitted, they’d start at Fletcher in September 2014.

This is a great way for our future students to pursue professional opportunities with grad school admission already in hand.  It’s also a great way to reassure mom, dad, professor, adviser, etc., etc., that YES you’re going to grad school…but not right now.

I’ve mentioned Map Your Future at only one Information Session so far, but I’ve already received questions in response from attendees.  We’re thinking there are a lot of you out there who will be equally excited about this opportunity.

Reviewing the MYF applications will be new and should be fun for us!  There’s something really special about reading applications to discern potential, rather than accomplishments.  (Although we’re assuming that our MYF students will be accomplished 22-year-olds, they won’t have the professional experience of our typical 27-year-old admitted student.)  I’ll post more as we get closer to the first deadline, but let us  know if you have questions that aren’t answered on the FAQ page.

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