Closing out the students’ summers

Yesterday, I offered up some Admissions news.  Today, I’ll let the students provide a final word on their summer activities.  Back in July, I introduced several blogs that students were keeping, but I missed a few.  Here they are:

Lily:  I started the blog to share my experience in Kenya with friends and family. It’s a reflection on different experiences in Nairobi and Kenya. The title “Majira ya Joto” is Swahili for “hot summer,” which in retrospect is not the best title, given that it’s winter here.

Jocelyn:  I’m blogging at (Sub)Alternate Reality.  I’m chronicling my experiences here in Northern Uganda, sharing impressions, asking questions, thinking out loud — not very academic stuff, but I’m happy to share it.

And Juliana told me:  I am not writing a blog on my internship but I did write a blog entry for the website of the organization I’m interning for.

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