Back to school!

That Hall of Flags hum that we enjoyed last week has turned into a ROAR this morning, as continuing students poured into Fletcher for Shopping Day — the kick-off event of the fall semester.  Shopping Day allows continuing students (looking nice and rested) and first-year students (looking slightly overwhelmed) alike to explore and sample new classes, whether they’re offered by new professors or are first being offered by old-timers.  Check out today’s schedule and guide.

As I’m one of those people who will never outgrow that “back to school” feeling, today is also the official first day for the Fletcher Admissions Blog, 2012-2013 edition!  Welcome!  Maybe you’ve been reading throughout the summer, or you may just be getting your mind around the idea that it’s time to kick your grad school applications into gear.  Either way, we’re glad you’re reading.

What will you find in the blog this fall?  Content that falls into the categories that both serve to organize past blog posts, and to guide me in my topic selection.  (You’ll find them listed over to the left.)

Toward the end of September, I’ll offer you a chance to suggest topics via a poll, but if you have a suggestion now, please let me know!  I always appreciate hearing the topics that will make the blog useful and informative.

Whatever “back to school” means to you — whether it’s stocking up on pencils and attending new classes, or starting to write application essays — thanks for being here to launch the 2012-2013 blog year!

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