Our youngest and our most academically accomplished applicants will both be submitting their online applications by this Thursday, the 20th.  It’s the deadline for applications to the PhD program, and also for the current undergraduates who wish to enter the MALD or MIB program through the Map Your Future pathway.  It’s a funny pairing, with no special logic behind it except that it’s simplest for us to have fewer deadlines.  And these two categories of applications will travel two different roads, with the PhD applications merely compiled in the Admissions Office before they head out for careful consideration by the PhD Admissions Committee.  We moved to a December 20 PhD deadline several years ago.  Though PhD applicants will learn their decisions in March, along with all the other January/February applicants, PhD applications are so much more complicated that we decided the extra time would serve everyone well.

As for the MYF applications, we’ll receive a small batch from very organized college seniors and May 2012 graduates.  The larger group of MYF applications will arrive by the May deadline, when seniors will have had more time to consider their plans.

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