EN Decisions

We posted Early Notification decisions on Friday, and applicants will probably have seen their results by now.  Some of you will also have wandered through the blog archives and found previous years’ posts about the decision options.  Here’s the outline for those who want fresh info.

First, congratulations to our newly admitted students!  You probably don’t need further explanation of what the news means.  If we have made the decision conditional upon pursuing study to improve your English or to raise your foreign language proficiency, you’ll be hearing from us directly about the requirement.

Then there are applicants for whom we’ve decided to defer decision-making until the spring.  I realize this is a good news-bad news place to be.  On the good news side, we encourage you to update us before the end of February if there are changes to your application.  New grades, new test scores, updated résumé, or even an additional recommendation can be good additions.  Please, though, make sure that the additional information reflects something new.  We don’t need a fresh copy of your résumé if nothing has changed.  Send the new materials by mail or email — there’s no special defined protocol.

Finally, applicants to whom we have already said no.  It’s only in the last three years that we have been telling EN applicants that they would not be admitted, and we were initially very reluctant to take the step.  Now we feel more comfortable, knowing that the best in this group will use the information to make good decisions about where/whether to apply in January.

Before we call it a wrap on this phase of the admissions cycle, let me give you the details on the very wide geographic spread of this rather small group of admitted students.  Whether they are only temporarily in these places or it’s their home town/country, we have admitted students currently in:

Afghanistan,  Kandahar and Kabul
Albania,  Rreshen,  Mirdite
Armenia,  Yerevan
Bangladesh,  Chittagong and Dhaka
Brazil,  Rio de Janeiro
Cambodia,  Battambang town and Phnom Penh
Canada,  Toronto
China,  Manghuai,  Yunxian County; Beijing; Shanghai
Democratic Republic Of Congo,  Bukavu
Germany,  Berlin and Hamburg
India,  Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
Indonesia,  Tanjungpandan,  Belitung
Japan,  Urayasu-shi,  Chiba; Kashihara; Tokyo; Yokohama
Macedonia,  Prilep
Mexico,  Guadalajara and Mexico City
Nepal,  Kathmandu
Nigeria,  Lagos
Pakistan,  Karachi
Philippines,  Guiuan,  Eastern Samar and Dingle, Iloilo
Singapore,  Singapore
South Africa,  Kuruman
South Korea,  Seoul
South Sudan,  Juba
Switzerland,  St. Gallen and Zurich
Tanzania,  Monduli and Moshi
Thailand,  Bangkok
Timor-leste,  Dili
Turkey,  Ankara and Istanbul
Ukraine,  Voznesensk
United Kingdom,  London and St. Ives

And, in the U.S., outside of the Maine-Virginia corridor (always well represented), our EN admits live in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas.

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