Have you finished reading The Fletcher Forum, which I suggested to  you last week?  In that case, check out the blog that was recently launched by Praxis: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security.  Here’s how co-Editor-in-Chief, Kamil, described the blog to the community.

Dear Fletcher,

PRAXIS is pleased to announce the launch of our very own blog today!

The blog will be a space to share, discuss, and collaborate on issues related to human security.  We will publish short “View from the Field” articles, from both current and former students, continuously throughout the year.  Occasionally the site will feature special posts, including interviews with professionals, film and book reviews, photo essays, and messages from practitioners.

Our first View from the Field this year came from first-year student Madeeha Ansari.  Madeeha wrote about her time at a school for the urban poor outside Islamabad.  And last Friday, a new post went up from second-year student Katherine Conway about memorialization in Rwanda.

We are also launching a series of videos on the site, where practitioners and professionals working on issues related to human security will answer the question:  What does human security mean to you?  Our first video comes from our very own Academic Dean Peter Uvin.

We are currently collecting Views from the Field for our next deadline on February 28th.  If you had a fantastic experience over the summer or winter break and want to write a short blog about it, please check out the submissions page.  We will include the top two Views from the Field in the spring issue of our online Journal.  The top two Views from last year by Claire Duffet and Sam Chapple-Sokol are included on the blog.

Check out the site and look for future posts shortly!

Kamil Pawłowski

P.S.  Kamil told me that prospective students are welcome to submit Views, too!  Check out the submission instructions and send one along!

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