Send us your questions! (But not about your application status.)

I recently heard some news about a 2015 graduate and I could not have been happier for him.  (More on the actual news in a future post.)  This was someone with whom I had been in frequent contact throughout his application year and during his two years at Fletcher.  Honestly, these relationships are the best part of my job.  I get so much satisfaction out of my tiny part in helping applicants/students accomplish their goals, and I’m always happy to take questions from prospective students who are putting together all the pieces as they explore their graduate school options.

Despite the value that my Admissions pals and I place on our interactions with you, and at the risk of seeming peevish, I want to ask you to be a little patient this week while we go through the many applications that were submitted over the weekend.  Please don’t email individual staff members directly to ask us to check your application.  Reread yesterday’s blog post, and then sit tight.  The task of the week is reviewing all the applications, and you’ll hear from us soon.

The relative speed with which we can compile applications is one of the prime benefits of our relatively new application system.  It used to take WEEKS  before we would have completed the process of matching applications with supplemental materials.  The first day after the deadline would be consumed with little more than printing the applications and putting them into folders!  (This 2012 post gives you an idea.  SIXTEEN DAYS before I was able to say that we had cleared the table of piles of mail and folders waiting to be compiled!)

Keep the bad old days of 2012 in mind as you read my request that you not ask to jump the application review queue.  You’ll hear from us soon about the completeness of your application.  On the other hand, all other questions are still fair game.  Feel free to write about other topics that are on your mind, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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