End-of-June news

It’s June 30!  Time to wrap up some news, in advance of the long July 4 weekend.  (Long for us, that is.  The Admissions Office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for the Independence Day holiday.)  In no particular order, here’s a mishmash of stories that caught my eye in the last however many weeks.

Professor Michael Klein is working with colleagues on a website called EconofactHere’s a story about it.

Daily Boston tech world newsletter BostInno highlighted a start-up with Fletcher origins, Blue Water Metrics, which emerged from the Tufts 100K competition in 2016.

Here’s a brief video introducing a compelling story about Arslan Muradi, a 2017 Fletcher graduate.

Aditya Sarkar, a 2016 graduate, worked this past year for the World Peace Foundation.  Two multiple-authored articles on the challenges faced by cities grew out of his research.  This one and this one.

A Fletcher graduate is one of the co-founders of Indivisible.

Dean Stavridis has hit the road with his newest book, Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans.  You can hear his interview with NPR’s Morning Edition on the player below.  (Prefer a transcript?  Here you go.)

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