Emptying out the news cabinet

Every so often I see an interesting piece of news and stick the link into a draft post, like storing it in my personal blog cabinet.  These tidbits have been building up for long enough, and today I’m going to share them, for those who missed the news as it happened (and appeared in other Fletcher media).

The Fletcher PhD program held a forum in September at which students presented their research to the community.

Several current students in our Global Master of Arts Program are graduates of the Tufts undergraduate program.  Of course, Double Jumbos have long been members of the MALD and MIB communities, but it’s nice to see these senior-level folks returning for GMAP, too.

Professor Dan Drezner has a new book.

Fletcher’s Murrow Center has named Senior Fellows.

After an international career, Abi Williams, F86, F87, has returned to Tufts to become director of the Institute for Global Leadership and Professor of the Practice of International Politics at Fletcher.

Two Fletcher graduates had books on the National Book Awards Long list.

“Since 2005, Kimberly Theidon, the Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies at Fletcher, has consulted with the government of Colombia on transitional justice and reconciliation, and is now focusing on the mass demobilization and reintegration of former FARC fighters.”

In a related story, the Henry J. Leir Institute for Human Security was formally established in September.

The Feinstein International Center at Tufts has a new director.

“In a typical day, how many distinct customer experiences do you think you have?”  A Fletcher graduate explains that “companies fail when they design products without considering the human beings who will use them.”

“With enough support, reformers can, in fact, get things done in Ukraine,” and Fletcher alumni are contributing to those reform efforts.

We learned from the Maritime Studies program that a major student research project last year of the LLM program and the Maritime Studies Program — with Professor John Burgess serving as the overall coordinator — has resulted in the “Law of the Sea: A Policy Primer,” covering “topics such as Freedom of Navigation, Maritime Security, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the South China Sea.  It is intended for anyone needing an accessible briefing on a law of the sea issue, with a special focus on policymakers.”

Professor Emeritus William Moomaw, published “Science Diplomacy: Hard-Won Lessons” in Science & Diplomacy.  The piece follows Professor Moomaw’s career trajectory from PhD student to science diplomat.

And two articles on Russia (a topic that is “trending” here at Fletcher):

Susan Landau, Bridge Professor at Fletcher and the School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science, wrote an article in Foreign Policy, entitled “Russia’s Hybrid Warriors Got the White House.  Now They’re Coming for America’s Town Halls.” 

And newly-arrived Professor Chris Miller, contributed the article “Russia: Remembering a Soviet Ideal, Purged of Revolutionary Ideas” in Eurasianet.org.

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