The weather is frightful, but…

Here I am, in my kitchen, watching the snow swirl around outside the window.  In one laptop window, I’m writing this post.  In another, I’m participating in a pre-deadline online chat, along with all my other Admissions pals.  We’re connected to each other with a conference call, so that we can ensure we answer all the questions that are coming our way.  (There’s enough of a lull now that I can listen in and write this post at the same time.)  Before the online chat began, we discussed our snow-day attire and agreed that “athleisurewear” is the uniform of the day.  Laurie is wrapped in a blanket and several of us are wearing our warmest wool socks.

Other conversations we’re having in the background include our own typos.  (In fact, I just typed an answer that included one.)  Lucas is the moderator for the chat, and he’s able to catch our most egregious mistakes.

Back to the snow.   If you’re in the U.S., you might be experiencing much of what we are here — a long week of cold days with today’s snowstorm arriving like the unwanted icing on the cake.  It won’t surprise you that Tufts University is closed for the day.  It’s always an easier decision to close when we’re on winter break and there aren’t students on campus to worry about.  I think the Admissions team is united in feeling grateful that we can participate in the online chat from the comfort of our homes.

We’ll stay on top of the email inbox today, and we’ll most likely be back in the office tomorrow.  Feel free to send along your questions and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.  Meanwhile, if you’re on the east coast of the U.S., stay safe and warm!

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