Congratulations, Rami!

Say hello to returning MALD student Rami. Rami is a great friend of ours, regularly volunteering for various Admissions events and outreach activities, welcoming new students to Fletcher as a featured speaker at last week’s orientation, and serving as a student representative on the Admissions Committee. We’ve been really glad to see him back at Fletcher over the past week. What a pleasant surprise it was, then, to catch him being presented with The Alfred P. Rubin Prize in International Law at today’s convocation ceremonies! Still not impressed (and if not, c’mon, what’s wrong with you?)? What if I told you that Rami also managed to complete his Capstone project over the summer? He’s far too classy and humble a guy to ever say “nyah nyah” out loud, but I’ll happily do so on his behalf. Well, done, Rami! I had the good luck to snag him quickly in the Hall of Flags at the post-convocation reception, just as he was wrapping up a conversation with one of our new LLM students eager for tips on getting going on a law-focused Capstone (the LLM is a one-year program, so those students are obliged to match Rami’s feat). He was kind enough to pause for a quick photo, and coincidentally happened to alight just in front of the alumni profile of convocation keynote speaker Joyce Aluoch (F08). Judge Aluoch has a long and distinguished career in international law, and it’s clear that she has a future colleague getting ready to join her.

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