Decolonizing International Relations

It’s been a busy week at Fletcher, which means a busy week for this blog, as well. There are so many events that take place throughout the year here that it’s impossible to highlight them all on this platform, but one happening today particularly caught my attention. The inaugural “Decolonizing International Relations” conference is currently in progress, and it’s an impressive event. Organized by the student-run Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA), the conference will apply critical theory to a variety of subject areas, highlight non-Western contributions and perspectives in academia and the field, and explore the role of power and access in the study and practice of international relations. The conference’s panel sessions and workshops will include a contingent of Fletcher faculty members, academics and practitioners from Yale, BU, Northern Arizona University, Colby, American, and The New School, and two former Ambassadors (among others). I managed to catch the opening keynote addresses this morning, and immediately found myself wishing I could camp out for the entirety of the day to learn more about “Gender and Transnational Feminisms,” “Humanitarian Aid through Community-based Activism and Civic Engagement,” and “Rethinking State Security,” to name a few of the items on the agenda. These are important conversations in both international relations writ large and within academia, and it’s a thrill to see our community addressing them in such a high-profile fashion. If the size of the arriving crowd in the Hall of Flags is any indicator, it’s safe to say this will be the first of many fascinating conferences in the years to come!

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