Happy National Coming Out Day from Pride at Fletcher!

In celebration of National Coming Out Day, Pride at Fletcher, a student organization for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ as well as allies, is offering cookies and support to passers-by in the Hall of Flags. I was lucky enough to happen upon the display when it was still relatively full, which I don’t expect will last (to my friends at Pride, you make great cookies!). Pride at Fletcher is an important and very active student group in our community, and I thought it worth sharing their message with our readers:

Whether you identify as LGBTQIA, an ally, a friend, or are questioning your own identity, we want you to know that there are people across the Fletcher and Tufts community that are here for you. Homophobia and transphobia thrive in an atmosphere of silence and ignorance. Coming out as LGBTQIA helps to disrupt that atmosphere. Today we celebrate the diversity of our identities and the supportive communities that help people around the world embrace who they are. Happy National Coming Out Day!

Your friends,

Pride at Fletcher

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