Early notification decisions, or the lack thereof

Thanks to all of you who made the effort to submit your applications for Early Notification consideration. By this time of year it’s been a while since our office has read applications in significant numbers, and the “EN” round is a good warmup for the larger pool to come at the January 10 regular deadline. Mostly, though, it’s just fun to read applications. Applicants to Fletcher are an interesting and inspiring bunch, and although we can’t admit everyone, I learn something new from virtually every application I read.

Congratulations to admitted candidates! Our office will be in frequent contact with you in the coming months, and we’ll be hoping to see you at Fletcher in the fall. To those of you who were denied admission, I’m sorry for the disappointment. You put a lot of time and effort into your application, and it can sting to not get the result you hoped for. Keep in mind that we welcome reapplications in a future term; it’s quite common for our office to admit candidates who have applied unsuccessfully in the past.

Some of you received a no-decision decision, i.e. word that your application has been deferred for further review in the spring. What the heck does this mean? In most cases it means that we’re interested in gathering a few more details that might become available in the coming months that can help clarify your case. There are some candidates for whom another semester’s worth of grades, an update after a few more months in a new professional role, an additional recommendation, or a new set of standardized test scores can really make a difference. If this applies to you, feel free to send in the relevant documentation between now and March, and it will be reviewed with the rest of your application. In any case, sit tight with the knowledge that an offer of admission is still very much a possibility, and feel free to be in touch with our office with any questions!

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