End of year odds and ends

Mid-to-late December is a bit of a strange time here in Admissions, as there’s a feeling of things simultaneously accelerating and winding down. We’re busy preparing for the arrival of our new “Januarian” cohort in just under a month, and we recently released decisions for our Early Notification applicants. Have I mentioned before that we also have another major application deadline approaching on January 10 (I think I must have at some point)? That’s still plenty of time for those of you working on your applications, but you should be very much in the weeds with it by now. We’re still around and available to answer whatever questions you may have as the deadline gets closer, but be aware that Tufts (inclusive of our office) will be closed for the holidays on December 25, 26, and 31, as well as January 1 (and between those dates we’ll have something of a skeleton crew here in the office). We’ll also host a web chat a week before the deadline on January 3 to answer any last-minute logistical questions you may have about the application (be sure to register ahead of time).

Ginn library reading roomGinn Library reading roomOutside of our little corner of Fletcher, things are quieting down for a bit. Students have wrapped up finals and everyone appears to have survived, even the Role of Force and Corporate Finance exams that have been a hot conversation topic lately in the Hall of Flags. You can see the difference in one of Ginn Library’s major reading rooms from late last week to today. The majority of students have by now taken off for points near-flung and far-flung for various holiday celebrations and family visits. Being enterprising Fletcherites, some will pursue internships and research opportunities, and it’s safe to say a fair number of second-year students will be using the time to take a chunk out of their Capstones. My own hope for students is always that winter break will open up precious bandwidth for some pleasure reading (seriously, life can’t be all Thucydides all the time), and to that end I’ve been happy to see a social list thread of reading recommendations from students, a semi-annual Fletcher tradition.

Still others will be hoping to meet YOU, readers! Many students will be hosting coffee hours over winter break, and I highly recommend¬† joining any that are in your area. You can view the current schedule and register here (filter by “Off-campus events”); be sure to check back periodically, as new events continue to be added. While Fletcher itself will be atypically quiet for a few weeks, the greater community will be busy with various pursuits all over the world, as usual!


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