More deadlines. More deadlines?

Are you tired of deadline reminders yet? If you’ve already submitted your application, it’s fair if your answer is “oh indeed,” and you can safely disregard this post. If, however, you weren’t able to submit your application by the previous January 10 deadline, I’ll underscore that it’s not too late! Most Fletcher degree programs have a couple more deadlines remaining, so there’s still ample time to submit your application for fall 2019 enrollment. You can find the full deadline schedule by degree here, but I’ll also provide the capsule summary:

MALD & MA: February 10 & April 1

MIB: March 1 & April 1

LLM: February 10, March 1, & April 1

Lots of dates to internalize, I know. On our side, the main reason is that the above programs all have individual Admissions Committees that have different meeting schedules, which affects application review and processing timetables. On the applicant side, there are a variety of reasons a good number of candidates aren’t quite able to get all the required materials together by early-mid January, so a later deadline or two can be helpful. And while it’s our hope that the majority of candidates requesting scholarship assistance have already submitted their applications in January, we will still consider later-applying applicants for scholarship aid, based on availability.

Murray the dogSo, while I can’t 100% promise this will be my last deadline reminder of the season in this space, we’re getting there! Murray, our Minister of Deadline and Other Action Item Reminders, appreciates your time, and the rest of us in the Admissions office are available to answer any questions you have along the way.


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