One last (I promise) deadline reminder

Tired dogI’ve previously implied I was done haranguing you about application deadlines for awhile. I really meant it, too! But with the FINAL final application deadline of April 1 only a week away, Murray, Minister of Deadline Reminders and Other Action Items, has implored me to issue one final call to prospective applicants. As you can see, the effort really wiped the little guy out. For the naturally suspicious among you, I promise that this is a real deadline and not an elaborate April Fool’s Day ruse – we’re not that clever. MALD, MIB, MA, and LLM applicants, you still have time! Not a lot, though. Now is the time to wrap everything up and get that application submitted if you’ve yet to do so. I can now truthfully and confidently say that this will be my last deadline reminder to you all for quite some time. Until the next one, of course.

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