Fletcher on Broadway

I wrote not too long ago about some recent publications by Fletcher faculty and alumni, and just stumbled upon a unique addendum to that post. With occasional exception, most Fletcher authors tend to focus on policy-related work, or at least lean heavily toward non-fiction. Not so with alumnus Christopher Demos-Brown, whose play American Son recently concluded its Broadway run. Demos-Brown spent a few years in Los Angeles pursuing writing and acting before attending Fletcher and the University of Miami School of Law as a dual degree student, and eventually practicing law in Miami. He continued to write, though, and the production of American Son on Broadway with stars Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale has given his work a new degree of exposure. The play channels Demos-Brown’s own struggles to understand the waves of deadly police shootings of the past several years, and is the first work in a planned trilogy focused on American justice issues. While he continues his law career, Demos-Brown remains active in the development of Miami-area theater, co-founding the company Zoetic Stage to support local talent and productions.

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