Classroom feedback with MALD student Diana and Prof. Ebrahim

Professor Alnoor Ebrahim is one of Fletcher’s most popular instructors. Don’t take my word for it: check him out receiving the Paddock Teaching Award (sort of the Best Professor Oscar at Fletcher) at last year’s commencement ceremonies. We were extremely fortunate to have him as a member of the Admissions Committee a few years ago, and his thoughtfulness was a huge asset to our work. It’s also on display during orientation week at the beginning of each academic year in the “Rules of Engagement” session he administers, in which he encourages new students to take a few moments to consider how they can create respectful and productive relationships with all members of the Fletcher community, including student colleagues, faculty, and administrators. He’s an expert at creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

With that in mind, it was pretty cool to check out this recent post from graduating MALD student Diana on Prof. Ebrahim’s integration of student feedback in the classroom, extending even to the grading structure of courses themselves. Diana has worked with Prof. Ebrahim as both student and Teaching Assistant, and herself is finishing a Capstone focused on the use of feedback in organizational change in large aid agencies. Her post makes clear that Prof. Ebrahim quite literally practices what he teaches!


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