Staff recommendations to incoming students, Part Three

Wrapping up Admissions’ staff advice to incoming students is Laurie, focusing on the value of getting a variety of nagging practical matters taken care of prior to the start of the academic year:

LaurieLaurie: When Dan requested a blog post providing advice for incoming students, my mind went immediately to rest, relax, pleasure read, and spend time with your friends and family.  Then on second thought I realized that most incoming students will get that advice from many people. So I will put on my practical Mom hat on and offer the following words of wisdom. If you thought that you were busy during your undergraduate years then multiply busy many times over and get ready for graduate school! As such, it is really in your best interest to clear your personal life to do list before arriving for Orientation at Fletcher at the end of August.

That curious grinding noise that your car/bicycle makes – take care of it. The cell phone bill that has an error and requires spending time on hold to resolve it – take care of it. The thank you notes you need to send to your coworkers for the fabulous send off party they threw for you on your last day of work – take care of it. Making sure that you collect and pack all of your favorite fill in the blank items you can’t live without during grad school – take care of it. Truly cleaning your closet rather than moving junk to your new apartment – take care of it. Making a list of all of the things that you need to do before you get to Fletcher – take care of it. When you get through your list – take time to rest, relax, pleasure read, and spend time with friends and family. You will arrive at Fletcher refreshed and ready to make new to do lists!

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