Admissions interviews open for registration

A quick plug today for our Admissions interview program, which will run from late September through early December. For readers who plan to apply to Fletcher during this cycle, I highly recommend registering for an interview, although it’s an optional part of the application process and you won’t be penalized for not doing so. Interviews are available both in-person and via Skype, though, so really, there’s no reason not to get one set up.

A few notes on the particulars here. We refer to these as “evaluative” interviews, and it’s true that the interview report will become a formal part of your application profile. I can assure you, though, that an interview is only likely to help your candidacy, and it’s in your interests to do one. It provides an additional data point for readers of your application, and gives you another opportunity to present yourself in your own words, which otherwise really only happens via your application essays. Interviews are generally conducted by trained student volunteers, so they’re also an opportunity to talk about Fletcher with a current student. As such, you can think of them as a chance for you to “interview” Fletcher, as well, to get a better sense of whether it’s the right fit for you.

Applicants often ask what kinds of questions they should expect, and while I can’t provide a full reveal, I will say that the interviews are very straightforward. We don’t tend much toward curve balls or “hot seat” questions. You won’t be asked what animal you’d be if you could be any animal (though “squirrel” is the obvious right answer to that one). If you come prepared to talk about your background and academic interests, the subjects, issue areas, and skill sets upon which you hope to focus in grad school, and your future professional goals, you can expect a relaxed and informative conversation with your student interviewer.

You can register for an interview slot here; plan on completing your interview before you submit your application. The sooner you can sign up the better, as slots are limited, and they will fill up fast (case in point: all Skype slots for the first week of the interview program in late September are already full). Register today!

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