Spring enrollment application deadline

October 10Things are happening quickly around here, friends. Talk of application deadlines around this time of year may seem a bit of lighthearted japery, but don’t get caught napping. Take a look at the calendar, and note that it’s already mid-September. For those interested in January 2020 enrollment at Fletcher, the clock is ticking. October 10, one short month away, is the deadline for submitting your application!

serene MurrayThat’s actually still quite a bit of time, and there’s no need to panic. Murray, your Minister of Deadline and Other Action Item Reminders, as well as part-time dog Gandalf impersonator, certainly isn’t worked up yet. Do get going on assembling your materials, though, if this deadline applies to you. With GRE/GMAT scores now optional, the task for many applicants is a bit simpler. Your recommenders will still need plenty of notice to submit their letters, though, and it’s likewise a good idea to leave yourself enough time to work through several drafts of your application essays.

I’ll refer readers interested in learning a bit more about the implications of January enrollment to a helpful set of FAQs on the topic, as well as a couple past posts that go into things in more detail (with a note that this year’s October 10 deadline is a change from dates mentioned in those posts). Our office is available to answer any questions along the way, too. We’re looking forward to getting back into application-reading mode, and hope to see yours soon!

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