Admissions Visit Day

Dean Kyte in info sessionToday is the first of three “Visit Days” we’ll hold for prospective students this fall at Fletcher (November 4 and December 2 are the others, for those of you who might be able to join us). Sort of  mini-Open Houses, or maxi-information sessions, Visit Days are designed to give prospective students a good look at a number of different sides of Fletcher, and usually are a lot of fun. We get a chance to spend a bit more time than usual with prospective candidates, and they’re able to pick and choose how they’d like to spend their time here, from just an hour or so sitting in on a class, to making a longer day of things by adding any or all of an interview, coffee with a student, information session, lunch with students and administrators, current student panel, and building tour.

visit day lunchMondays in October are already busy in our office, as we have a full day of evaluative interviews and a fair number of individual visitors even on a non-Visit Day. Fortunately Dani (whom readers “met” in last week’s GA introduction) is managing the traffic beautifully, and everyone seems to be getting where they need to go. I’ve just finished with the general information session, in which we were fortunate to have Dean Kyte drop by for a few minutes. I had no prior inkling of the specifics of her remarks, but her descriptions of her own student experience at Fletcher, and anecdotes of being approached by Fletcher alums and students on her travels all over the world framed the subsequent discussion perfectly.

Attendees are now happily lunching away with current students (on the menu: make-your-own burrito bar, a Tufts Catering specialty), and will shortly continue the day with a student panel, more class visits, or any number of other available options. We’ll look forward to seeing more of you at future Visit Days in November and December!

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