Early Notification deadline – November 10

Murray and stuffed pandaWe’ve had a few blustery, rainy days here lately. Temperatures are getting cooler, and your Minister of Deadline Reminders and Other Action Items is hunkered down with his assistant. It seems as good a time as any to check in with current applicants planning to submit by the Early Notification (EN) deadline, who by now should be likewise hunkered down with their applications. The EN deadline is just a few weeks from now, on November 10. Still plenty of time, but not so much that you should feel free to dawdle. The usual reminders apply here: GRE/GMAT scores are now optional, your recommenders will appreciate as much time as possible to complete their letters, and you should avoid putting yourself in the position of having to complete large portions of the application at the last minute. To these old standards I’ll add the caveat that it’s fine if a recommendation letter is a bit late. As long as we receive all your materials within two weeks or so of the deadline, we can typically avoid delays in processing and reviewing your application. The best practice, though, is to submit your completed application by the deadline (did I mention when that is? It’s November 10).

Feel free to refer to this post covering some FAQs about the EN process (while noting that it refers to a different deadline from last year, which you should disregard). You can also always feel free to contact our office at fletcheradmissions@tufts.edu. The arrival of EN applications always feels like the true start of “reading season” in Admissions, and we’re looking forward to seeing yours among them!

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