Application tips – the digest version

Around this time of year there’s usually a lot of interest in tips for preparing your strongest possible application to Fletcher. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up later this week (in the US, at least), many applicants are looking at a few slightly less hectic days during which they may plan to make some progress on their application. It’s also far enough out from the next major deadline (January 10 for most degree programs) that a lot of applicants are in the earlier stages of gathering their materials.

This blog has covered best practices in most of the major parts of the application in the past, and virtually all of that previously-dispensed advice remains applicable today. Instead of recreating perfectly cromulent content, I figured it might be just as useful for readers to have a digest version for handy reference. Check the below posts as you work through each corresponding section of the application, keeping in mind one overarching guiding theme: applying to graduate school is different than applying to undergrad. Applicants frequently ask us how they can make themselves “stand out” in the pool from other candidates, which really isn’t a helpful way to frame our process. While undergrad admissions processes may indeed value “uniqueness” (however defined), we’re most interested in more specific qualifications and professional focus, and we’ll admit the candidates who offer the strongest such profiles. Focus on putting forth your strongest possible case for admission, and don’t worry that many other candidates will be doing the same thing. With that in mind, refer to the below posts as often as needed to help guide you!

And as a special bonus – because you can never start working on your financial plan soon enough – check out these tips on financial planning.

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