DC Career Trip

DC career trip scheduleFletcher will be unusually quiet today and tomorrow, and classes are on hold. A large portion of the student body – 214 students, to be precise – will be missing. While it sounds like the premise of The Leftovers, it’s far less alarming and, I’d argue, much more interesting. The annual Washington DC career trip, organized by the Office of Career Services (OCS), is a major event on the spring calendar, large enough to make it feel like Fletcher has temporarily relocated for a few days.

OCS puts a huge amount of work into packing as much activity into the career trip as possible. The two-day event will include 47 site visits to a variety of government agencies, think tanks, consulting firms, non-profits, tech companies, political risk firms, and international organizations. Over 200 alumni will join another 200 students for a networking reception in the evening. Many students arrive a bit early and stay a bit late, and arrange a variety of coffee dates and informational interviews while they’re in town. It’s a tiring couple of days, but well worth it for first-year students pursuing summer internships, and graduating students in the midst of their job searches. We’ll be looking forward to the reports from this year’s extravaganza when students are back next week!

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