While you’re waiting…

Mid-February is an uncertain time for many of our applicants. It can feel like a long wait between submitting your application and waiting for the release of decisions, to the point that you may wonder what the heck takes us so long. Applicants, I promise we’re diligently working away on your behalf! To confirm that all received applications are complete and ready for reading is a task that itself takes several weeks. Our entire team then turns to the actual reviewing and evaluating of every application, a complex process involving a variety of committee meetings, multiple reviews of each file, and a lot of careful record keeping and data cleaning. Finishing the reading of applications is a pretty big deal, but there’s still plenty left to do: scholarship aid evaluations, queuing decisions for eventual release, and many, many rounds of cross-checking and proofing still remain.

So, we’re getting there, but it will still be a few weeks before we’re able to release decisions. Why not put the time to good use instead of sitting around nervously biting your fingernails? You’re obviously fairly familiar with the basics of Fletcher at this point, but there are surely aspects about which you’d like to know more. Now is a good time to dig deeper into the coursework options, or to learn more about particular Fields of Study. Prospective students often find current student and alumni profiles to be helpful, or you might read up on alumni thoughts on the ROI of a Fletcher education. The more you know about Fletcher (or any other program to which you’ve applied) by the time you receive your admissions decision, the easier your own enrollment decision will be!


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