February 20 application deadline

Murray the dog, staringHey! Talking to you there, prospective Fletcher applicant. Just making sure you’re aware that there’s still time to submit your application for enrollment this fall. I know, I know, we crow so much about the big deadline in January that it can overshadow the remaining options, one of which is next week. Submitting by the February 20 deadline will still allow you to receive an admissions decision in mid-March, and yes, it’s still possible to be considered for scholarship aid, too. Maybe you’ve been waiting on a pokey recommender, or a test date or score report, or just generally couldn’t quite get things together earlier in the season. No big deal; here we’re more interested in looking forward than remaining mired in the past. So, whether it’s putting the finishing touches on an almost-complete file, or starting your application for the first time, right about now is a great time to get going!

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