Blogging in the new world

So…how’s your week been?

Hard to believe that just a little over a week ago we were watching admissions decisions go out to the bulk of our admitted class, and were deep into planning for our traditional Open House events. The speed at which both our little world of admissions, as well as the actual whole world, has changed in such a short time is dizzying. Much as it feels like life as we know it has been stopped cold, we’re all soldiering on here, as I know all of you are, readers, in your own ways.

In our case, by “here” I mean “at home,” as Fletcher is now working virtually full-time. This obviously involves a lot of changes in how we do things, and this blog isn’t exempt. Normally, around this time of year I’d try to pepper readers with all manner of updates about goings-on at Fletcher: speakers, student events and stories, spring break updates, approaching finals. You know, the usual. Now that we’re in unusual times, the shape of this blog may likewise become a bit unusual.

For admitted students and recent applicants, the good news is that there’s lots of topics in which you’re likely interested that you’ll still see covered here. Check back in the coming weeks for more on financial planning, understanding the scholarship process, and navigating the waitlist.

Otherwise, though, you may see this space starting to look a bit non-traditional. My goal here has always been to provide readers with useful information, but in so doing to illuminate some aspects of the Fletcher community that you might not see on the website, or in other “official” resources. My hope is for this to be a portal through which you can get to know us a bit, and to communicate at least a small sense of the behind-the-scenes culture of Fletcher that makes it a singular place.

So, you may hear a bit more than usual about our home lives, which are now also our work lives. We’ll also get some updates from our students, who after all still have a semester to finish. What I’ll hope to emphasize to readers, over the next however long, is that Fletcher is still very much in effect. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Murray: Murray the dog face close-up

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