Friday reads – Fletcher and Tufts experts on crisis management

Experts Lounge signWith the COVID-19 crisis affecting pretty much all aspects of life worldwide, Fletcher and Tufts experts have been busy offering analysis from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. I encourage readers to check out this resource, a clearinghouse of sorts of the many ways Fletcher faculty are at work responding to the pandemic. You can find:

  • analysis of how social networks, Big Tech, and major media outlets are responding to the crisis
  • epidemiological perspectives from international public health experts
  • recommendations for economic policy interventions
  • views of differing regional and national responses to the outbreak
  • insights from cyber-security experts on working from home securely, and broader implications for online life during a pandemic
  • the significance of the crisis for national and international politics
  • implications for climate change policy

I’ll also direct readers to this op-ed by Tufts President Tony Monaco on the important role colleges and universities can play in responding to the crisis.  A geneticist by training, President Monaco has both a technical background and many years of institutional leadership informing his set of recommendations for how higher education can support civic and public health crisis management.




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