Application deadline reminder: May 1

Just a quick reminder today that our last application deadline of this admissions cycle is coming soon! This Friday, May 1 is the final date to submit applications for Fall 2020 enrollment. While this is a later deadline than is typical in a given application cycle, our current atypical times have left a fair number of people with significantly altered professional situations and timelines for grad school. We’ll be looking forward to reading the applications of all those of you who may now be considering grad school this fall.

As usual with application deadlines, the last possible second to submit is 11:59:59 EDT on May 1, and as usual, I’ll strongly counsel applicants against waiting until that final moment. Now is definitely the time to reach out to our office with any remaining questions about your application, though. While we’re all working from home, we remain very much available to all our applicants. Most of us, at least.

Murray, asleep

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