Admissions interviews available now

A plug today for Admissions interviews, currently open for registration on our site. Normally the formal interview program runs from mid-September through mid-December or so, but throughout this summer and continuing for the next month we in Admissions have been offering a regular slate of interview slots, too. What else do we have to do? A whole heckuva lot, actually, but nothing as important as the chance to chat individually with prospective students.

Our traditional interview program administered mainly by trained student interviewers will be getting going in a month or so. In the interim, future applicants can register for an interview with one of us. Particularly for those applying for January 2021 matriculation, now can be a perfect point to set up an interview before digging into the actual work of putting your application together (as per this post, the 2021 application will be available soon!). Interviews should be completed before candidates submit their applications so that a record of the conversation can be included in the file.

Interviews are optional, and there’s no penalty if you can’t or don’t want to do one. An interview can really only help your application, though, and my personal recommendation (with which I think my colleagues would concur) is that applicants should consider them a priority. Outside of the application essays there really aren’t many ways in which you can present yourself in your own words to the Admissions Committee. Interviews give you the chance to add context and detail to your background and future plans, and to ask questions and learn things about Fletcher that might not be so evident from poking around the website. They’re also very straightforward. I promise we won’t put you on the spot.

Register for an interview today!

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