Don’t panic! Annual application maintenance

Summer is generally a quiet period for application-related activity. That’s fortunate for us, because our annual preparations for the upcoming cycle require us to de-activate the online application for a short period. There’s nothing too dramatic involved and outwardly the new application will look virtually identical to the current iteration. There’s some digital faffing about required on the back end, though, to ensure applicant information correctly flows to all the places it’s supposed to. The process takes about two weeks, and were I not yammering on about it here it’s likely most folks wouldn’t even notice. But for the eagle-eyed among you, be aware that the application will “disappear” for a brief period in the coming days. Nothing to see here.

We’ll be sure to update you, both in this space and elsewhere, when the new application is live on the site (likely in the last week or two of August). If you’ve already begun working on application essays or speaking to potential recommenders, please feel free to proceed! The requirements for these peripheral materials are unlikely to change, and it’s fine to continue working on them “offline.” For now, though, we ask that you hold off on working on the application form itself until the shiny new one is available.

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