Application deadline today!

Friends, today is the day! I applaud those of you who have been using the past few days to review and re-review your applications in order to catch the odd typo, tighten up a phrase or two, and make sure you didn’t accidentally mention some other school in one of your essays. Time to hit that shiny, candy-like “submit” button, though. We seriously do receive a good handful of applications each year in the literal last minute before the deadline, and I urge you not cut things that close. Not to worry if you have a few pending application materials (such as a missing recommendation); as long as your application is complete by February 1 we can normally avoid processing delays, though we do request you submit by today’s deadline. Anything received subsequently will be automatically added to your application file.

Which brings me to another noteworthy point: processing applications will be pretty much our full-time task for the next week to ten days. It takes a while to sift through all the materials we’re receiving to confirm whether applications are complete and ready to read or still waiting on some outstanding materials. We’ll be in touch with you either way to confirm the status of your application, and you’ll be able to see updates on your Application Status page, but it may take a bit of time. Radio silence from us for the next week or so doesn’t mean there’s a problem, it just means we’re in elves-in-the-workshop mode preparing for application reading.

So we’ll be in touch, and looking forward to seeing your application!

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