Fletcher faculty news roundup

Occasionally I like to direct blog readers toward the many Fletcher faculty voices driving the greater public conversations on the issues of the day. One of the strengths of Fletcher’s faculty is that the majority of its members are both scholars and active practitioners in their areas of expertise, and it doesn’t require a lot of searching to find their contributions to public discourse. With a past week that’s felt particularly newsworthy, it feels like a good time to highlight some recent faculty activity in the public arena.

Anyone following the ongoing conflict in East Africa including Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan has surely encountered Prof. Alex de Waal’s analyses in recent months, on subjects including border clashes between Ethiopia and Sudan and the Ethiopian government’s war against Tigrayan rebels. Prof. Daniel Drezner discusses the shocking siege of the US Capitol in his Washington Post blog, continuing his regular commentary on both domestic and international politics. Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti assesses the implications for the future of Big Tech and its role in enabling the violence at the Capitol. Dean Kyte has also been busy with more than just running Fletcher; she recently spoke to Politico on the prospects of the US re-assuming global leadership in action against climate change in light of Democrats’ assuming unified control of Congress in the recent Georgia runoff elections.

Finding Fletcher faculty in the news is never a very difficult prospect, and that’s been particularly true during this volatile week.

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