Fall 2021 semester updates

With many candidates turning toward the logistics of beginning grad school in the fall, this recent announcement from Fletcher’s senior leadership couldn’t have come at a better time. The gist is that Fletcher will be returning to an in-person format in the fall! This is good news that’s been a long time coming, and feels like a well-earned result of extraordinary efforts by so many in our community. The path back to campus can vary according to individual circumstances, clearly, and as such some classes will continue to be offered in a remote or hybrid format. The semester will also unfold according to local, state, and federal public health guidelines; testing, some degree of distancing, and mask-wearing will remain priorities.

I encourage readers to read the full announcement (and to check back periodically for updated FAQs). Now would also be a good time to let out a little whoop for joy, if you’re so inclined. See you in the fall!

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