Application for 2022 enrollment now live!

It’s a big day here in Admissions, readers, and likewise for all of you planning on submitting an application for 2022 enrollment. The application is now available (here, for those looking to get started this very instant)!

Virtually anyone applying to Fletcher has filled out a university application in the past, and you’ll likely find that ours doesn’t contain too many surprises. You may have questions along the way, though and I’ll encourage you to take advantage of the variety of resources available to you that will likely answer many of them:

I’ll take this opportunity to emphasize in particular the option for January enrollment, which has become more popular in recent years. The application and scholarship consideration process for “Januarians” is identical to that for fall 2022 applications, so there’s nothing special or different required to apply for a January start. Those considering this option should be aware that the application deadline is October 10, which is sooner than it may seem at this point in the year. If you’re shooting for this deadline, now is the time to be getting your recommenders in place, ordering transcripts, and generally beginning the process of gathering all your required materials.

There are a variety of other deadlines depending on the degree program and entry term that applies to you (see above). The first deadline for fall 2022 enrollment is November 10 (for early notification), followed by the January 10 Scholarship Priority deadline. Those of you planning on submitting at either of these deadlines have a bit more time to get your applications together, but it’s not too soon to open your user profile and starting to review what you’ll need to complete your application.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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