Fletcher springs to life at Orientation

Fletcher orientation sessionThe big moment has finally arrived, readers. It’s Orientation week! If you haven’t been following along, Orientation is extra-special this year for being (for most students) in-person. It’s great to have Fletcher back to its typical energy level, and reassuring to learn that one can see people’s smiles even through a mask. It’s still a bit different that the usual programming – time blocks occupied by COVID-protocol information, returning students who are figuring their way around the building for the first time along with new students – but it’s a lot less weird than doing it all virtually was a year ago at this time. Lunch on Day 1 was a double-whammy of goodness: not only was it make-your-own-burrito (consistently the best Orientation lunch day), but it afforded a chance to sit and chat with new students IN PERSON for the first time in two years, a very refreshing change.

While it still feels something of a novelty to have actual people wandering around the actual building, it all seems very familiar at the same time. By this time next week when courses begin it will surely feel like we never left. Welcome back, everyone!

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