Admissions interviews and counselor appointments available now

Though the admissions cycle doesn’t really have a discrete “end,” late August always does feel like the beginning of a new process. Recruitment events will soon greatly increase, and the application for 2022 enrollment will shortly be live on our website. This also means that our fall interview program will soon begin in earnest. We’ve offered the odd interview slot throughout the summer, but starting in September you’ll find a great many more available.

We highly encourage applicants to take advantage of the opportunity to interview (a recommended but not required component of the application), which you should do before submitting your application. It’s a chance to add one more data point to your application (really the only material outside of your essays that will allow you to present yourself directly in your own words), and an opportunity for you to learn more about Fletcher from a current student interviewer. It’s worth your time and effort.

You can register for an interview here. Those of you not quite ready to submit your application but still looking to get a few questions answered can schedule a meeting with an admissions counselor. One way or another, we’ll hope to speak with you soon!

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