ICYMI: GMAP application deadlines for January Enrollment

GMAP header imageA quick call out today for the approaching application deadlines for the Global Master of Arts (GMAP) Program. GMAP has an application cycle that runs in significant parallel to that of Fletcher’s residential degree programs, but because of its unique format and schedule, it also veers enough away at certain points to make it worth highlighting separately. The first deadline for January GMAP enrollment – the “scholarship priority” deadline for those wanting consideration for Fletcher scholarship – is coming soon. Within a week, in fact: October 10th. If that’s what you’re shooting for, you should be in the final stages of preparing your application by now. GMAP also has a final deadline of November 1, so there is some time remaining for those applicants for whom scholarship consideration is less of a priority.

A quick refresher on the unique profile of the program, one of the first of its kind: GMAP is a 12-month long program for mid-career professionals combining internet-mediated instruction with several in-person residency periods at Fletcher and rotating international locations. Particularly exciting after a year+ of full virtual operations is the recent announcement of the return to in-person residencies, beginning with the January 2022 Residency in Washington, DC.

You can dig into the details of GMAP here. For those of you working toward the above deadlines, we’re excited to receive your applications!

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