Fletcher welcomes new Professor of Cultural Diplomacy

Before my time at Fletcher it had never occurred to me the extent of Venn diagram-overlap between international affairs and the arts. There really is something to it, though: the musical talent contained within a typical Fletcher class can be staggering, and the annual Fletcher recital is a professional-level showcase. More than a few of our faculty are likewise extremely gifted musicians. And as regular blog readers know, every member of our current admissions team save yours truly has a fine arts background.

This dynamic is about to be formally embodied in the curriculum with the appointment of Carla Dirlikov Canales as Professor of Practice in Cultural Diplomacy and Senior Fellow at The Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World. Professor Canales will lead the new Program on Cultural Diplomacy, focusing on the role of the arts and culture in driving foreign policy. A mezzo-soprano opera singer, Professor Canales has also previously served as the Arts Envoy at the US Department of State, and founded The Canales Project, a non-profit arts and advocacy organization.

Her appointment gives tangible curricular shape to an undercurrent that has long been an important part of the Fletcher community. Welcome, Professor Canales!

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