Alumni Spotlight: Zerin Osho tackles “the Cooling Conundrum”

Fletcher, in case you weren’t already aware, is THE place to be for those interested in climate change and sustainability policy. Between the Development and Environmental Policy Field of Study, the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, the Maritime Studies Program, and policy leaders such as Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher and Dean Rachel Kyte, there’s no better place for students looking to immerse themselves in humankind’s greatest collective challenge, and to enter careers in which they can shape our collective response on a global scale.

Alumna Zerin Osho, F’18, is a perfect example. Her work in global environmental policy while at Fletcher led her to enter the UN system where she was involved in the launch of the UN Cool Coalition, which addresses the increased global electricity demand resulting from cooling needs as the planet warms. It’s a big, complex issue area, and exactly the kind of thing for which people come to Fletcher to address.

While Zerin’s path is her own, it’s a great example of the ways in which students use their time at Fletcher to launch themselves further into their career trajectories. You can read more about Zerin’s work here.

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